I can’t fuckng stress this enough!!!

This needs to be all over the fucking internet

and yet there is a vast amount of gay men who treat other guys like shit because they don’t abide by the cliche’ and that’s really shitty .

I’m not gay but I is bi, does that count? :3c

I’m a man that happens to be like men, and I am into fashion, and can be flamboyant. And that’s okay too.

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My husband playing the South Park PS3 game: Davey, I can’t figure out how to do this abortion. Can you look it up?

Maybe they’re gluten free because they’ve never had multigrain Wheat Things, ammiright?


Singing Chandelier by Sia in the shower


I didn’t reblog last week and I am reblogging this week.


On my walk I checked in on one of my construction projects

Fun! Where is this? Looks like close to Queen’s Park station?

In other news, this is one of my favorite Twitter happenings to date. 



did you kno that 10 million pounds of maple syrup was stolen from quebec

10 million pounds

1/3 of the government’s reserve

like. how do you even steal 10 million pounds of maple syrup. where do you hide it. what would you even do with it

why does the canadian government have a maple syrup reserve 

We’re actually not allowed to talk about that in Canada. “Sorry”, it has to do with poutine and being nice.

Someone please find me this t-shirt.
Also this man.


So Darth and I are randomly in Guelph (road trip!). Any suggestions in regards to what we should do or see?!

- Em

Yes! I grew up in Guelph!

Start at the McCrae House, where John McCrae grew up (“on flanders fields the poppies grow, between the crosses row on row…”).

Find the river and follow the walking trail eastbound through Royal City Park and look for the sculptures made from trash found in the river.

At Gordon St, find the Boathouse Team Room and stop for ice cream. Behind it, find the Covered Bridge!

Whyndam and Quebec Streets both go through downtown, which is quite cute!

Also you could find the River Run Centre and walk along the water to see coolremnants of buildings that used to be there.


Swiped from facebook for my beloved Scottish followers.

Can someone please represent for Canada on this shit?